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About Us

Founder: Coach Reese

How long has this organization been around: Summer (June) of 2014

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Mission statement:   We are a program that provides and supports BUILDING a foundation for YOUNG MEN (age 7 to 17) though Athletics, Leadership and Mentoring.


Mentoring Side

We currently hold 15 min rap sessions at the end of every practice on a variety of subjects.   We tailor each subject to address different challenges that our kids may face in life, for example dealing with peer pressure, responsibility, how to have/keep good hygiene, self-esteem, and how to choose good friends and many others.  In addition to our rap sessions, we do field trips so the kids can bond and learn difference things, like going to visit college campuses, basketball games etc.

The Mentoring is done by a host of GREAT individuals from our Coaching Staff to Professional Athletes to Teachers, Principals, Counselor and so many more.  As we grow we will be expanding the mentoring side of our organization by adding Weekend Workshops & Mentoring Summer Camps which will ultimately build better men and cause them to be more productive in our society.

Basketball Side

Our goal from a basketball stand point is to get them prepared for the next level by teaching them: fundamentals, how to be a good teammate and how to compete at a high level.  We have a few saying that we follow:

Our 1st saying is SERVICE EVERY KID.  We have just launched our Skills & Drills Program, which allows us to bring kids into our program that may not be ready to compete in a game setting and this program will raise their skill level up to the point where they are READY to compete.  Now for the kids that are ready to play, we have a number of teams and each team is broken up according to age groups from 10U – 16U.   

Our 2nd saying is TEAMWORK makes the DREAMwork.  We truly believe that it is important to teach them how to be GREAT teammates. We do this by BUILDING their basketball IQ, teaching them how to communicate on the court and how to encourage and support one another as a unit. This helps them (the player) understand the dynamics of a group effort.

And our 3rd saying is WE never lose either we WIN or we LEARN.  We all understand that winning is important and we all have a competitive edge, but it is not number 1 on our priority list.  We stress to our kids that it is important to know how to win HUMBLY and lose GRACEFULLY.  We also recognize that out of every lost there is a lesson to be LEARNED that PREPARES them for the NEXT BATTLE.


When we add the Mentoring and the Basketball sides together, you get a group of passionate people who help Young Men become GREAT MEN of Valor.  These WARRIORS will make a huge difference in their lives and the lives of others they come in contact with.  Their SUCCESS story WILL be GREAT!!!


Goooooo WARRIORS!!!